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Blackboard-iTunes U integration allows instructors and students to add, view and share rich media content associated with specific Blackboard courses. CUNY’s Computing Information Services has tested the building block that was developed by Vanderbilt University in the process of testing Blackboard-iTunes U integration and will be providing additional information in the near future. The success of the iTunes U teaching and learning pilot will depend on the collaboration among Blackboard Administrators from the participating colleges and schools.

Here’s the place for iTunes U Site and Blackboard administrators to share tips and tricks for practical, and useful workarounds and implementations: Bb and iTunes U – Tips and Tricks


With the participation and collaboration of CUNY, Vanderbilt University has produced an upgrade to its popular iTunes U Building Block for Blackboard. The building block adds new functionality and is fully compatible with Blackboard version 8 Community System domains, as well as with non-domains. CUNY has installed and tested the new building block in its Blackboard test-training environment. Production installation will be announced once an implementation date has been determined.

Administrators Guide

Here you will find the latest edition of the CUNY iTunes U Administrators Guide. The guide is meant for Blackboard System Administrators, Domain or College Administrators, iTunes U Site Administrators or others who might have a need to understand the features, functions and capabilities of the building block and how it integrates Blackboard and iTunes U for rich media presentation in teaching and learning. The guide is not geared to faculty or students. CUNY colleges, schools and programs, typically through their academic computing or CET&L resources should tailor the information to their Blackboard and iTunes U implementations and compile suitable faculty and student guides.

Click here for the latest edition of the CUNY iTunes U Administrators Guide

Click here for the iTunes U building block guide provided by Vanderbilt University.

LaGuardia Community College Demo Video: Using iTunes U on Blackboard 8

An instructional video for faculty, demonstrating how to enable an iTunes U course for for a Blackboard course.

York College – How to Use iTunes U: A Guide for Faculty

This guide was prepared by the Education Technology department of York College of the City University of NY. Note that the procedures described therein are based on how CUNY has elected to integrate and configure the Vanderbilt building block with Balckboard. How2Use_iTunesU – York College – CUNY.pdf

City College – “How to” Videos

The IT Department of the City College of NY (CCNY) has produced videos that explain how ho accomplish a number of administrative iTunes U tasks. Note that the procedures illustrated in these video are specific to how CUNY has elected to integrate and configure the Vanderbilt building block with Blackboard.

Enabling iTunes U in Blackboard 8 (for Instructors)

How To Delete a Podcast From Your iTunes U Page (for Instructors)

How to copy a link of a podcast from iTunes

How to subscribe to a podcast on iTunes U

Note that this video illustrates copying a link to content that is stored on CUNY’s public iTunes U site. Such links may not work correctly when the content is stored on a CUNY teaching & learning site where access to iTunes U content is limited and access is via logging onto the Blackboard LMS.

All Blackboard, iTunes U Site Administrators and Faculty may share their own tips and suggestions by contributing to this wiki. You are encouraged to add sections and post your materials on the wiki.