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Twitter Tools

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Based on Matt Gold’s post “How to Create Blog Subscriptions”.

The Twitter Tools Plugin, which again is available from the dashboard of your blog, allows you to connect your blog posts to a twitter account. You can create an automated process so that every time a new blog post is published on your blog, an update with a link is posted on Twitter.

When you set up this plugin, be sure to go back into your twitter tools setting to make sure that the Application Type has read and write access (

Here’s a screenshot that shows the look of the resulting twitter account posts:

Twitter account connected to a blog

As you might notice, I activated the companion Twitter Tools: links plugin to create shortened URLs (useful on a platform like twitter that has a 140-character space limitation).



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Getting Started



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DH on Twitter

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Being on Twitter, even if only as a follower, is essential for keeping up with the field. DHers use Twitter for information-sharing, discussion, and community-building, and it is a key component of DHNow (@dhnow; see Journals) and DHAnswers (@dhanswers; see Online Communities/Discussion Forums).

If you are new to Twitter, see Tips for information that will help you get started.

Note, however, that use of Twitter is not without controversy within the field, and not only between tweeters and non-tweeters – see Bethany Nowviskie’s “uninvited guests: regarding twitter at invitation-only academic events” and, of course, the comments section of her post.


We have our own Twitter account @cunydhi. Please follow us for news on CUNY DHI activities and events. We use the hashtag #cunydhi to mark DHI-related tweets; search Twitter for #cunydhi to see what we’ve been up to.


Communities also self-organize around hashtags. See for instance #transformdh, #altac (formerly known as #alt-ac), and #dhdebates.

Twitter Lists of DHers

Twitter provides the ability to compile lists of users to follow. See for instance:

Readers, please help build out this section!

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