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The pilot project will focus on developing the University’s iTunes U Public Feature Page and related content pages and populating them with rich media of various categories. Borrowing a methodology from system application development, the University Relations and CIS have opted for rapid, iterative prototyping of of the Univeristy site to be followed by publication of an iTunes U site template and development of a select number of college iTunes U sites.

Readiness for release of the University and college iTunes U sites to the general public rests with University Relations and the Steering Committee.

The direction and guidance for the project is vested in a Project Steering Committee. The committee is composed of representatives from the marketing and communication organizations of participating colleges: Image:Diagram orgs.jpg Steering Committee members will name campus coordinators and iTunes U Site Administrators. Coordinators will be responsible for the business level administration of the project on each campus, while Site Administrators will be responsible for technical matters associated with creating, maintaining and otherwise administering the campus iTunes U site.

The project will be managed through a number of virtual tools that are in place to support communication, coordination and collaboration, including:

  • Discussion Forum: Q&A, announcements
  • Project Wiki
  • Web Conferencing (real time & stored for on-demand viewing): Virtual Meetings, project checkpoints, online training, How-To demos, etc

  • University Relations implements a University iTunes U public-site design based on the iTunes Public Feature Page, including content categories and rich media content,
  • University Relations ceates a protype web presence that will serve to drive traffic to the University’s iTunes U site,
  • Collaborative development of template for college iTunes U sites based on the iTunes U Welcome Page
  • Colleges implement iTunes U public site designs and content based on Apple, CUNY and College Guidelines for CUNY-on-iTunes-U Public Sites.
  • Develop a prototypical editorial review process for ensuring audio, video quality and that published content is consistent with CUNY Intellectual Property Policy and with due regard for the rights reserved by owners of copyrighted materials. (See Intellectual Property resources.)

On a schedule to be determined, additional CUNY colleges will launch public iTunes U sites. For additional information, contact the project manager here.

Campus Executive Stakeholders Coordinators
Baruch College Christina Latouf, Chief Communications & Marketing Officer Patrick Ackerman
Borough of Manhattan Community College Barry Rosen, Executive Director. Public Affairs
College of Staten Island Ken Bach, Director of communications & Marketing (interim) TBD
CUNY – The University Michael Arena, University Director, Communications & Marketing Daniel Sure, Mark Boutros
Kingsborough Community College Ruby Ryles, Director, Office of Public Relations TBD
Lehman College Marge Rice, Director, Media Relations Phyllis Yip
Medgar Evers College Christopher Hundley, Director, Communications Richard Joseph