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What file protocols does iTunes U support?

For video use mpeg4 with H.264 video compression. For audio use either AAC (Advanced Audio Coding, mpeg 4 audio) or mp3. AAC has some advantages in that it results in higher file compression ratios and higher fidelity than mp3, particularly for large files. AAC also supports enhanced podcasts so that data such as images or a URL can be timed to appear visually at a certain point in time in what otherwise might be an audio-only file. MP3 is more universally supported on mp3 players other than iPods. These standards, in addition to the Portable Document File standard (PDF) are supported on iTunes for MAC and PC Desktops. While all except PDF can be downloaded to iPods. Note: Check with the manufacturer data sheets for other brands of mp3 players for compatibility with the mpeg4 audio (m4a) and mpeg4 video standards. See Apple’s iTunes U documentation for a fuller explanation of protocols and related information.

How much storage will my Apple iTunes U site have?

Each college will be alloted 500GB of storage to be allocated between a college’s public and private (teaching & learning, academic) iTunes U sites.

What will happen if I exceed the storage limit?

Apple reserves the right to take reasonable measures to reduce an excessive resources utilized by a college, including removing content and denying access to the iTunes U site. Should this ever happen, apple is obligated to use all reasonable efforts within 10 days of taking such action.
But I need more than 500GB of storage. What can I do?

Review that content that is already stored on your iTunes U site(s). Remove any stale, outdated content. Note too that from within your iTunes U pages, you can create links to rich media content that is stored on servers at the college. Storing audio and video on college servers is another way to increase available content.
How many audio and video files can be stored on 500GB?

That’s difficult to say, since much depends on the length of audio and video content, the mix of audio and video (since video files are larger) as well as compression algorithms used and other factors. This spreadsheet models sotrage utilization based on audo-video mix and other factors: Rich Media Storage Calc.xls.
Where can I get support from the iTunes U Community?

The iTunes U community has grown by leaps and bounds, and has grown into an excellent support resource. Here are some links for various online communities. I encourage you to become active in these forums and use them as your first line of defense!

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iTunes U Support for Course Managers

iTunes U Support for Content Creators

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