From CUNY Academic Commons

This may be a solipsistic list–a list that comes from our experience at Bronx in September 2009. But the elements on it will probably resonate with others–or at least I hope they will. So, let’s call this first set of concerns “engagement issues.” They are clearly platform-independent.

1. Premise: faculty engagement–active integration at some level with course-level activities–is essential to broad student use of e-portfolios in an academic context. What are effective ways to build and (more importantly) sustain this faculty engagement? (I realize some may disagree with my premise. Good. I’d love to hear a counterargument.)

2. A corollary–what are effective ways to build and sustain student engagement? I recently trolled through Bronx e-portfolios created during the first phase of our pilot project (in January/February 2009). A good portion of those I looked at (most in fact) had not been touched since May.  Some of these students will now be enrolled in classes where e-portfolios are again integrated into course activities. Many, however, will not be in such classes. How can we engage these students? What can we do to encourage them to continue to use their portfolios?