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The Problem

You’re writing a blog post, and you’d like to include wiki content. This content might come from the Commons wiki, or a variety of MediaWiki sites like Wikipedia, Wiktionary, WikiQuotes

You can certainly just link to the wiki article. But you can also “include” the wiki page at the end of your blog post or page.

Or you can just use a blog post or page to “serve up” a wiki page.

“KwikiMart” courtesy of cogdogblog

The Quick Solution

To include a wiki in a blog post or page, first activate the “Wiki Inc” WordPress Plug-in.  (This is a one time operation – on the WordPress Dashboard, click “Plug-ins.”  Then scroll down until you see Wiki Inc.  Click the checkbox and the “Activate” hyperlink.)

Once Wiki Inc is activated, go to the edit screen of your blog post. Scroll to the very bottom of the page and you should see the follow input boxes:

Image:Wiki inc.JPG

In the first box, enter the title of the wiki page you want to include in the text of your post or page.

In the second box, enter the “Main_Page” address of wiki.

Here are some examples of Main_Pages you can use:


  • Only one wiki page per blog post or page is allowed.
  • Wiki content must come from a MediaWiki-based wiki
  • Wiki content appears at the end a each blog or page