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bavatuesdays is the blog of Jim Groom (of UMW) who’s probably the best educational technologist in the country.  Here are two online comments about him:  “Generations from now, they won’t call it the Internet anymore. They’ll just say, “I logged on to the Jim Groom this morning,” and “Everything Jim Groom touches is gold. He’s like King Midas, but with the Internet.”

Stephen’s Web is the blog of Stephen Downes, a is a leading voice in the areas of online learning, rich media, e-learning objects, and weblogs.

eLearningSpace is an extremely well-organized and user-friendly site that includes links to dozens of other blogs and important resource sites.  Here’s the introduction:  ” Staying current in elearning trends can be a daunting task. An educator must be aware of forces in business (for corporate elearning partnerships), education, and technology. It is important to select valuable, focused and trusted resources of information. Subscribing to a good listserv, visiting technology sites, reading elearning blogs, or relying on aggregators can significantly reduce the time spent staying in touch with new trends and issues.”

Educause Blogs has blogs that include liks to podcasts and presentations that illustrate the topics being discussed.

ReadWriteWeb is an excellent source of information on all web 2.0 tools and e-Learning 2.0.  The articles that the author includes don’t come from the e-learning profession, so they really represent clients and learners’ opinions.

Digital Campus is a biweekly discussion of how digital media and technology are affecting learning, teaching, and scholarship at colleges, universities, and libraries.

Futures of Learning is a blog about new media and learning. The members of the blog are part of a project, funded by the MacArthur Foundation, that is conducting an international survey of research in the field

Mountebanke is the blog of Joe Ugoretz, the Director of Technology at the CUNY Graduate Center, Director of Learning and Teaching at McCauley Honors College, and the the creators of McCauley Honors College’s ePortfolio project.

Dave Lester’s Finding America is the blog of Dave Lester, a “digital humanist” web developer at the Center for History and New Media at George Mason University who examines the way colleges and universities are using new technologies.

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