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DH Programs

The following institutions have DH MA programs. (For more details, see Miriam Posner’s list).

  • King’s College London
  • Loyola University Chicago
  • University of Alberta
  • University College London
  • University College Cork

Tanya Clement has collected a list of Digital Humanities Inflected Undergraduate Programs as of 2009 with additions in the comments. This post also has useful links to discussions about DH education.

The Zotero group “Digital Humanities Education,” launched by Lisa Spiro, is collaboratively building a library that “includes syllabi and curriculum planning documents, as well as articles about open education, networked pedagogies, and more.” This will be an invaluable resource for the DH community, and much more comprehensive than what we offer here.

DH-related syllabi

The number of DH courses has grown exponentially in recent semesters. Instead of updating individual syllabus links, we are keeping the previous list below, and directing researchers instead to collections like these.

A brief selection of DH-related syllabi.
To submit syllabi for this list, please use this form.

Undergraduate syllabi


  • Sample, Mark. George Mason University, Fall 2008. ENGL 343: “Textual Media”; syllabus


  • Hirsch, Brett D. University of Victoria, Winter 2009. HUMA 250: “Digital Representation and Creation in a Humanities Context.” course website


  • Davidson, Cathy. Duke University, Spring 2010, ISIS 120S-01/English 173S-05: “This is Your Brain on the Internet” syllabus
  • Fitzpatrick, Kathleen. Pomona College, Spring 2010. Media Studies 168: “Writing Machines” syllabus
  • Harris, Katherine D. San Jose State University, Fall 2010. English 190 Honors Colloquium: “Digital Literature: The Death of Print Culture?”; syllabus
  • McClurken, Jeff. University of Mary Washington, Spring 2010. HIST4713C: “Adventures in Digital History” syllabus
  • Schlitz, Stephanie. Bloomsburg University, Fall 2010. “Digital Humanities: Transforming Through Technology”; [link needed]
  • Timney, Meagan. University of Victoria, Fall 2010. HUMA 150: “Tools, Techniques, and Culture of the Digital Humanities” (based on an earlier course developed by Brett D. Hirsch); course website; syllabus


  • Brown, Jim. Wayne State University, Winter 2011. English 5992: “New Media And The Futures Of Writing” syllabus
  • Croxall, Brian. Emory University, Fall 2011. English 389, “Introduction to Digital Humanities” syllabus ; website
  • Clement, Tanya. University of Texas at Austin. Fall 2011. INF 385t, “Introduction to the Digital Humanities” course site ; syllabus
  • Davidson, Cathy. Spring 2011. English 90: “Industrial Origins of the Digital Age” course description
  • Fyfe, Paul. Florida State University, Fall 2011. ENG 5933-03, Introduction to the Digital Humanities draft syllabus
  • Owens, Trevor. American University, Spring 2011. HIST 377/677: “History in the Digital Age” syllabus
  • Rieder, David M. and Brock, Kevin. North Carolina State University, Fall 2011. IP 295: “Introduction to Humanities Physical Computing” syllabus
  • Theibault, John. Stockton College, Spring 2011. GAH 3223: “Introduction to Digital Humanities” syllabus


  • Cordell, Ryan. St. Norbert’s College, January 2012. GENS 410: “Technologies of Text” draft syllabus
  • Ullyot, Michael. University of Calgary, Winter 2012. ENGL 203, “Hamlet in the Humanities Lab” description

Graduate syllabi



  • Brier, Stephen and Gold, Matthew K. CUNY Graduate Center, Spring 2010. ITCP 70020: “Interactive Technology and the University”; syllabus
  • Parry, Dave. University of Texas at Dallas, Spring 2010. EMAC 6361: “After/Print” course website
  • Petrik, Paula. George Mason University, Spring 2010. HIST 697: “History & New Media” course website
  • Smulyan, Susan. Brown University, Spring 2010. AMCV220: “Digital Scholarship” course website; syllabus


  • Rieder, David M. North Carolina State University: Fall 2011, ENG 798 / ENG 583, “Introduction to Humanities Physical Computing” syllabus
  • Sinclair, Stéfan. McGill University: Fall 2011, LLCU-602: “Digital Humanities: New Approaches to Scholarship” syllabus


  • Brier, Steve and Gold, Matthew K., CUNY Graduate Center, Spring 2012. MALS 78100: “Digital Humanities in Research and Teaching” course site
  • Presner, Todd. UCLA, Winter 2012. DH 201/Comp Lit 290 Graduate Seminar: “Introduction to Digital Humanities: Humanistic Knowledge, Disciplines, and Institutions in the 21st Century” syllabus

Professional Development

There is an emerging push for DH courses aimed at providing skills training for those who are already working in the field, or would like to join it. The skills that should be required of DHers, though, is a topic of some contention.

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