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How to Navigate in Blackboard:

After you read an attached document, if you want to get back to this page, click the Back arrow on your browser.

How to Print Linked Files:

When you click a linked file, the document will open inside the BlackBoard frame on the screen, which makes it almost impossible to print (because the frame obscures the text, so your printer will print part of the frame and part of the text). The way around this is to NOT left-click the linked file when you want to print it. Instead RIGHT-click the link and when the pull-down menu appears, choose “Open in a new window.” If you get a box asking you if you want to open or save the document, click Open. Then click the File menu and click Print.

How to Succeed in Working Online

This document spell out the things student need to know and do in order to succeed in an online course (or in the online component of a F2F class).

How to Create Your Blackboard HomePage

NOTE:  In order for students to create their HomePages, you must  first do the following via the Control Panel:  Click Manage Course Menu, click the Modify button next to Tools, and make sure that ” HomePage” has been made Available.  Next, click Manage Tools, click Tools Available, and make sure you have a check in the box to the right of Tools Area.

How to Use the Discussion Board

This illustrated document explains in detail everything students should do in order to create an effetive HomePage.

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