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Milestone 1: Objectives

The purposes of this project are to create two podcasts that introduce the faculty, staff, and students of John Jay College of Criminal Justice to the world of podcasting and the benefits of the iTunes U interface as innovative tools in higher education. There are several objectives that we will accomplish by the end of the Spring 2008 semester. These objectives include, but are not limited to:

  • Creation of a faculty-student working group: The students and faculty will work together to realize the actual potential of this technology at John Jay for both teacher and learner.
  • Creation of a faculty development podcast: The purpose of this podcast is to inform and teach faculty members about the potential of podcasting and how it can be used to maximize student engagement in and beyond the classroom walls.
  • Creation of the first in a series of podcasts entitled “John Jay is…”: The purpose of this podcast is to highlight John Jay’s unique presence in the field of higher education as a teaching and research institution.

Submitted by:

Meghan Duffy

Interim Director of the

Center for the Advancement of Teaching

Milestone 2: Rich Media Outline

Adam S. Wandt

Assistant Professor

Department of Public Management

John Jay College of Criminal Justice

“Faculty Instructional Podcast” created by the iTunesU workgroup


  • Production Types
    o Lecture capture
    o Audio only
    o Audio & video
    o Enhanced PowerPoint
    * Knowledge of content
    * List of objectives
    * Creation of outline
    * Copyright issues
    * Releases if necessary
    * DurationProduction
    * Lecture Capture
    o Video camera & microphone
    o Laptop with webcam
    * Audio only
    o Digital recorder
    o Laptop with microphone
    o iPod with Belkin TuneTalk
    o iRiver and lapel microphone
    o TV broadcast studio
    * Audio & Video
    o TV broadcast studio
    o Computer with webcam
    * Podcast capture software
    o Windows
    + Audacity
    + Protools
    + Camptasia
    o Mac
    + Garageband
    + Podcast Capture
    + Qarbon
    + Snap x Pro
    * Audio editing
    * Video editing
    o Windows
    + Adobe Premier
    + Movie Maker
    o Mac
    + iMovie
    + Final Cut Post-production
    * Quality Control
    o Camera angle
    o Lighting
    o Language
    o Sound quality
    * File type, codec and compression
    * Private iTunes
    * Public iTunes
    * Hosting of file
    o (on iTunes U)
    o Other servers
    * Administration of iTunes U site

Milestone 3


The John Jay “Podcast on Podcasting” will model the use of instructional rich-media technology by addressing the hardware, software and production phases necessary for faculty and student creation of podcasts and other rich-media.


The John Jay iTunesU Workgoup – “The Podcast People” – is fostering collaboration by including people from various venues at John Jay including administration, faculty, and students. In addition, a dedicated email list-server will be created for feedback and/or questions on the podcast project by all of the stakeholders.

Creative, Usable Enhancements:

Our podcast will demonstrate the production workflow and capabilities for faculty members and students to create podcasts in order enhance the learning process at John Jay College.

Pedagogical Best Practices:

The podcast will demystify iTunesU and the creation of podcasts in general. Faculty members and students will be guided through the phases of production. In addition, we will be creating a section of iTunesU to serve as a dedicated area to display well-created faculty and student podcasts for review, inspiration and collaboration. Faculty members and students will be encouraged to submit their best podcasts for entry and presentation during our “podcast party” to be held each semester. Winners will be chosen in several different categories for recognition.

Milestone 4

The most complex issue that have emerged in creating our “Podcast on Podcasting” have been scheduling. Because of our dedication to collaboration and our objective of creating a student-faculty working group, which became a student-faculty-administrator working group, coordinating schedules has been the most difficult part of this process. However, it is a process and we have approached it as such.

On the positive side, we applied for and received monies for purchasing a couple of Macbook Pro laptops, iPods, and software that make producing podcasts easier. We will be able to utilize this technology for hands on faculty training for iTunes U and for using rich media for enhancing and energizing teaching and learning.