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KCC Group Project

1. KCC Group Project

KCC is planning to use audio and video podcasts to develop supporting “content nuggets” that can be used (and reused) by as many Virtual Enterprise (VE) classes as possible. These nuggets will be shared and made available through an iTunes U content repository (for general research) as well as on online course sites (for targeted purposes). Students will then be able to access these podcasts directly on their computer or by downloading them to their portable media players. In addition, the students will be given the opportunity to capture their work in both audio and video, and use them to document their classroom work by creating an e-PODfolio that they can share with their peers and other students from other VE classes.


In detail, our goals for this semester are:

1. Work with Prof. Troudt’s Virtual Enterprise class to develop 10 content nuggets.
2. Make these available on iTunesU as well as a CMS interface.
3. Test technology and compatibility to establish KCC iTunesU infrastructure.
4. Show proof of concept that iTunesU can be connected to KCC LDAP server.
5. Develop a model for replication and campus wide adaptation.

Milestone 2:

Prepare an outline detailing the use of a specific piece of rich media that will be used within your project

We will be using enhanced podcasting and videocast by Prof. Troudt’s Virtual Enterprise class. For instance, the students are required to present their business plan. Each section of of the business plan will be transformed into a “content nugget” and will be disseminated as follows:

1. Videocast of students formal business plan presentation
2. Enhanced podcast of students presentation with slides (one podcast per business plan section).

These media files will be disseminated to other Virtual Enterprises accross the country. The goal is that other Virtual Enterprises can use this as a model for similar activity. It furthr our goal to create an iTunes playlist for all participating Virtual Enterprise classes. The content nuggets will be completed by May 10th.

In addition other Virtual Enterprise classes at Kingsborough Community College will be giving “elevator presentations” during the semi-annual Trading Day on May 1. These presentation will also be made available on iTunesU.