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Storage Space and File Sharing

These sites provide online storage space and opportunities for file sharing with others.[browser, desktop, mobile] (freemium, $15) Like Dropbox this also allows online file storage and sharing. It does not have the folder on your desktop that is synced. is much more focused on sharing documents and collaborative editing. You can actually edit some file formats through the web site. Also you can make comments on documents. You can 5GB free and 1GB file size limit for free version. “Business” version is $15/month for 1000GB storage and 2GB file size limit.

If you are inactive on the site for more than 120 days, your files will expire.

Dropbox[browser, desktop, mobile] (freemium, $10-$20/mo) This service gives you 2GB of free storage space. (If you have a Samsung device, you can get up to 50G free.) It also has a program you can download for MAC or PC that creates a special folder on your computer. Anything you save to the folder is automatically uploaded to the web site and synced across all computers where you have Dropbox installed. You can share files or folders. “Pro” version ranges from $10/month for 100GB to $50/month for 500GB.

If you are inactive on the site for more than 90 days, your files will expire.

Figshare[browser] (free) Figshare provides up to 1GB of free private storage for research data and unlimited searchable, public storage. It is specifically marketed for those doing research and claims to accept any and all document formats and easy citations for those seeking research. Its main purpose seems to be to provide cloud storage for research that will grant you full credit for your work.

GoogleDrive[browser, mobile] (free) This service gives you up to 5GB of free storage space. It will allow you to create and save documents in online cloud storage and share these documents with others in the GoogleDrive network. Everything is stored privately unless you choose to share it.

iCloud[browser, mobile] (free or premium options) Designed to back up settings and data for iOS devices only. Up to 5GB of storage free and increments of 10GB of storage available for purchase.

MEGA [browser] (free, premium options available at Up to 50GB of free storage space. By paying annual fees, you can get between 500GB and 4TB of online storage.

SkyDrive[browser, mobile] (free or premium options) Up to 7GB free cloud storage. 20GB, 50GB, or 100GB can be added as ‘premium’ options that you pay for.

SugarSync[browser, desktop, mobile] ($5/mo to $55/mo) Free trial available, but otherwise an all paid site. 30GB – unlimited GB of storage space. This is also a backup service. It adds option to view pictures and stream media through computers and mobile devices.

Ubuntu One [desktop](free, premium options available) This service offers up to 5GB of synced cloud storage. You can get up to 20GB additionally by referring friends. There are also options for music purchase/storage and sharing available.