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Video can be a useful tool for viewing class materials, creating lessons, and designing student projects.

Viewing and Embedding

  • Download Helper[browser add-on, FF only] (free) is a Firefox extension that allows easy downloads of YouTube videos
  • Keepvid[browser] (free) is a website where you can download YouTube videos in mp3 or other compatible format by entering the address of the desired video and simply selecting “save”
  •[browser] (freemium, $10/month pro allows you to upload and organize videos and also provide related PDF files. You also have control over privacy. Free version limited to 2GB storage and 2GB transfer per month.
  • Vimeo[browser] (free) an alternative to YouTube with a higher resolution and more sophisticated appearance
  • YouTube[browser] (free) has additional functionality that allows for annotation of the video with live links attached

Editing and Creating Screencasts

  • Camtasia Studio[comercial desktop MAC/PC] ($99-$299) this is the 800 pound gorilla in the screen recording and editing arena with a price to match. MAC ($99) and PC($299) actually have different functionality.
  • FFmpeg[desktop GNU Linux] FFmpeg is a complete, cross-platform solution to record, convert and stream audio and video.
  • iShowU HD[desktop MAC] ($30 – $60) Screenrecording software that just does screenrecording but does it well for cheap with low RAM usage. Keystroke recording, multiple file type output, No video editing.
  • Jing[desktop MAC/PC] (freemium, $15/year pro) an excellent tool that allows still and video screen captures. A severe limitation is you are only allowed 5min of screencapture. No video editing. A product of TechSmith who also makes Camtasia. @cstein wrote a post about it and
  • Record My Desktop[desktop GNU Linux] (OSS) linux app to record desktop, you’ll probably also want one of the front ends for it. Uses only open media formats.
  • Screenr[browser] (free) Screenrecording, kind of like Jing in that it’s limited to 5min. But it’s designed to publish to Twitter, or at least the URL to twitter. You sign up for it through OAuth and your Twitter account.
  • Screencast-O-Matic[browser] (freemium, $15/year pro) Screenrocording limited to 15 minutes in free edition.  
  • Snapz ProX[desktop MAC] ($70) Screenrecording and screencapture for the MAC. Allows you to record both or either system audio and mic. Similar to Camtasia but no video editing.