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Your Commons profile describes who you are.


Required Fields

When you first registered with the Commons, you were required to provide only four pieces of information – your username, password, College affiliation (you can check off one or more college), role, and CUNY email address.

Username is the only field you will not be able to edit after successfully registering.

New members might want to go over to How to Update your Display Name and Email first, to configure their profile pages, and to Notifications to make sure email notifications are set up to their liking.

Optional Fields

There are many other optional fields which you may or may not have had time to provide. Adding information in Academic interests in particular helps members search for compatriots. Please note that you can use this field in a free-form manner to more completely describe yourself. Phrases are delimited by commas and are automatically turned into keyword search hyperlinks.  To find members with like interests, simply click on the hyperlink, and add friends.

Option information about yourself may help develop connections. These include:

  • Title
  • Phone
  • Website Address – have a department blog or website or personal website you want to promote?
  • Blog Address – you might have a lot of blogs – list each one, if you want

Social Networking (all these are of course optional)

  • Twitter ID
  • IM
  • Linked-in ID
  • Flickr ID
  • youTube ID
  • FaceBook Profile Link
  • Delicious ID
  • Skype ID
  • FriendFeed ID

Profile Field Visibility

The optional items on your profile page can be configured to be selectively displayed. You can choose to display them to (1) Everyone (the default); (2) to Logged-in Members of the Commons; or (3) to just to Commons members you have choosen as “Friends.” 

So, for example, if you just want your phone number information available to logged-in members of the Commons, you could click the following radio button, located next to the profile field. Image:Phone.JPG

Related pages

Sarah Morgano has a great post describing profile changes.  It describes the process of changing such important information such as display name and email address.  She also describes how to configure the way you receive notifications from the Commons.