From CUNY Academic Commons

The Media Element HTML5 Player WordPress plug-in is an HTML5-based audio and video player which is compatible with all today’s modern browsers, and with their older versions, and which works on the iPad, iPhone and Android. The player supports many of the major file formats, including MP4, Ogg, WebM, and WMV for video and MP3, WMA, and WAV for audio. After activating the plugin, you simply add shortcodes in a post or page to embed the player.


Enter the following “shortcode” where you want the video clip to be embedded:

[mevideo src=”http://” width=”640″ height=”340″]

There are parameters which control the way the player behaves. For example, you can pre-load the video, adjust the skin, make it play automatically, or make it repeat. For more information about the parameter controls, click here.


Audio clips may be embedded in a similar manner:


Again, a number of parameters control the look-and-feel of the player and they can be found by following this link.

This is a nice plug-in that ensures your video and audio clips are accessible on all browser platforms. Limitations – source from video hosts like YouTube or Vimeo don’t work.  The Commons allows uploads of up to 48 MB – fine for most audio and short videos.

Have fun playing around with this newly installed plugin!