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My Commons is accessible from the dropdown bar at the very top of the page, or by clicking on your hyperlinked name in “Who’s Online.”  My Commons offers quick access to what you’ve been up to on the Commons.


The Activity Option lets you view activity in five separate tabs: (1) “Personal” – your own activity; (2) “Mentions” –  anytime someone included your @handle on the site; (3) “Favorites” – anything that you have favorited on the site; (4) “Friends” – see what your friends are up to; and (5) “Groups” – check out what’s doing in the groups you belong to. 

Once you choose one of the above five tabs, you can use filters to further pinpoint what you are looking for by clicking on the “Show” dropdown.  You can choose everything, updates, posts, comments, friendships, forum topics, forum responses, new groups, group memberships, new docs, doc edits, and doc comments. 

“Activity” is a terrific way to find out what’s going on on the Commons.  Each result item has a convenient hyperlink that will take you to its full-text page.  You can go to other members’ activity pages as well, and check out what they are up to on the Commons.


The Profile Tab lets others see your interests, background and social networking links. It can be as expansive or narrow as you want. For more information, see Managing Your Profile and Getting Started.


Every blog that you can contribute to is listed here.  These include your personal blogs and blogs which are attached to groups which grant you to be a contributor.  Click on the hyperlink to view the blog described.  


This is were you can send direct messages to members of the Commons, and read the messages which have been sent to you.


This tab lists all the friends you have made on the Commons. You may view the status of your friendship requests, as well as cancel friendships. Clicking your friends hyperlinked names takes you to their profile page, where you can view their activity, blogs, friends and group affiliations.


The Group Tab lists all the groups to which you belong.From here you may click on a group to go its main page, leave a group, and view membership details.  

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