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Learning Goal Benchmark       Comptencies  
1. Students discover, gather, organize, summarize information and develop questions in a field Create a portfolio: select an issue within an occupation or field of study and develop a point of view about it based on information collected. Include an interview, budget data, organizational structure ….

a. Use a variety of resources — library, internet, academic, popular, experiential — to gather information on a topic

b. In working with resources gathered (as in “a” above), develop a variety of strategies for making “stuff” into personally useful information — annotating texts, taking notes, creating mind maps and outlines             

c. Based on “personally useful information (as in “b” above, do the following —

  • make decisions about relevance of information
  • draw relationships between ideas across different sources,
  • put ideas in own words,
  • use quotations and paraphrases effectively,
  • cite sources appropriately
  • use rhetorical skills to create a presentation with audience in mind
2. Students develop and apply questions to new bodies of knowledge Do a task (needs def) that demonstrates ways of thinking and approaches used in a particular field and includes student reflection
3. Students develop a question and design how to investigate it Write a paper that describes two majors and compares structures and work place mentalities of the professions within the two fields. Project identification of self on both professions and evaluate one’s own skills, interests and aptitudes relevant to the majors and professions