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Draft: Learning Assessment in the first year

First Semester: A case study project (with 4 assessments):

1) Select and describe a paradigmatic instance or contemporary case that addresses an issue within one of the city seminar’s overarching themes: public health in NYC, urban education, environmental science, business administration. The description will provide a narrative overview, including the following:

  • The history of the issue and a depiction of the specific example,
  • an overview of institutions and organizations involved, and
  • a biography of some of the actors involved in the case.

Ex: Public Health: STDs in NYC, the smoking ban, improving the quality of food in the public schools, H1N1 vaccination, etc.

2) Explore the case

  • Public documents, including ______ and financial statements.
  • Multiple perspectives on the case
  • Interviews with institutional and local players.
  • The outcome.

3) Evaluate the Outcome

4) Reflect on the Learning Process

Second Semester: Thinking in the disciplines (4 assessments)