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The Wired Campus (Chronicle of Higher Education Online)

Journal of Asynchronous Learning Networks

 Filtered (The Academic Commons Magazine)

  • Faculty as Authors of Online Courses: Support and Mentoring — This useful article explains how to create and revise online courses that  provide students with a coherent learning experience.
  • Capturing the Visible Evidence of Invisible Learning  — Another excellent article by Randy Bass and Brett Eynon, this is a description of “the new shape of learning with digital media”  based on  three core concepts: adaptive expertise, embodied learning, and socially situated pedagogies. These findings emerge from the classroom case studies of the Visible Knowledge Project, a six-year project engaging almost 70 faculty from 21 different institutions across higher education.

International Journal of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education

  • Presence Pedagogy: Teaching and Learning in a 3D Virtual Imersive World’ — The authors describe a pedagogical innovation that capitalizes on what virtual worlds have to offer to social aspects of teaching and learning. They characterize this approach as “Presence Pedagogy (P2), a way of teaching and learning that creates a genuine community of practice.  According to the author’s case studies, students engaged in a P2 learning environment become members of a broader community of practice in which everyone in the community is a potential instructor, peer, expert, and novice—all of whom learn with and from one another.

CLIR Issues

  • EthicShare Examines Models for Online Communities —  McCready and Smith report on a November 2008 seminar sponsored by the Council on Library and Information Resources entitled “Building Online Communities for Interdisciplinary Scholars”.  They examine the the opportunities and challenges in building online communities, in particular such issues as discovery and exploration of resources, aggregation, sustainability, and engagement and collaboration.

Innovate: Journal of Online Education

KAIROS: Journal of Writing in Webbed Environments

  • Learning: Doing That Without Being— The author discusses research on asynchronous learning in K-12 and college courses and explores its value and some practical applications.

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