From CUNY Academic Commons

As we move forward in our planning for the Assessment & Portfolios Committee, I thought it would be helpful to look at some of the preliminary research that has already been compiled in Academic Commons by members of CUNY’s e-Portfolio Committee.

CUNY Portfolio Models

Comparing e-Portfolio Platforms

e-Portfolio Projects at CUNY

e-Portfolios in Blackboard

e-Portfolio Projects at CUNY: A Comparative Table

Non-CUNY ePortfolio Models

Johns Hopkins Digital Portfolio

Portland State University ePortfolio Overview

California Lutheran University

University of California, Fresno

Central Piedmont Community College

University of Minnesota, Duluth

East Tennessee State University College of Business & Technology


Rose-Hulman Institute

Highly developed portfolio system with learning outcomes that cross disciplinary boundaries.  Learning outcomes relate not only to academic but also social competancies.

Association of Colleges & Universities