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Rich Media Resources: PhilosophyGeneral Resources

  • OpenCulture content rich site that styles itself a “giude to smart media”. Much free media are gotten via feeds from the iTunes store.
  • New York Public Library digital media collections and audio/video webcasts. The NYPL on iTunes U (requires the iTunes application for access).
  • MERLOT: (Multiimedia Educational Resource for Learning and Online Teaching) An excellent rersource for peer reviewed online teaching and learning materials.
  • Some free resources on a wide variety of subject areas among others that are for sale at
  • Wide selection of mp3 audio books in the public domain at LibriVox.
  • Art Images for College Teaching: AICT is a royalty-free image exchange resource for the educational community.
  • Pod Safe Audio, an easily browsable site that collects and distributes Creative Commons-licensed music for podcasts and other casting uses.
  • The Internet Archive has thousands of audio, video, and Open Education materials that are creative-commons-licensed and available for use in many different formats. Pay special attention to the Prelinger Film/Video archive, which has a ton of great footage from public domain that can be downloaded, edited, and remixed at will.
  • See also, Universal Newsreels – Universal City Studios gifted Universal Newsreel to the American people, put the newsreels into the public domain, and gave film materials to the National Archives in 1976.
  • Ed-Cast, the online “Higher Education Podcast Repository” is intended to serve as an international clearinghouse for the sharing of available lectures, conversations, speeches, and related podcasts for higher education worldwide.
  • Historical documents at the National Archives
  • Podomatic: Create, Find, Share Podcasts
  • Business English Pod – Business-English (ESL) podcasts for “professionals on the move.”
  • Education Podcast Network – From EPN: “The Education Podcast Network is an effort to bring together into one place, the wide range of podcast programming that may be helpful to teachers looking for content to teach with and about, and to explore issues of teaching and learning in the 21st century. Most of the producers of these programs are educators … . Warning: Due to the nature of the Internet, the provider of this service can not assure the appropriateness of the programming that is available beyond this web site. This web site is intended for professional educators and all audio content should be previewed … before being made available to students.”
  • Webcast Berkeley – A diverse collection of lecture sessions captured in smart classrooms, representative of perhaps the easiest educational podcasting to do, but not very iillustrative of techniques for other other types of rich asynchronous applications. Some sessions may be illustrative of techniques or production values one should avoid as, for example, sometimes displayed documents are too small to be seen given restricted screen size and video resolution. See also the page on Policies & Copyright. “The Regents of the University of California retain the copyright of all media recordings offered through webcast.berkeley (ETS). These recordings are licensed to end users based on the preference of faculty participants and/or content providers, webcast.berkeley (ETS) can license media recordings in a variety of ways. Beginning in 2007, the default license attached to media recordings for disctribution is Creative Commons – non-commercial, attribution, no derivatives (CC2.5 license).”
  • TeacherTube – Launched in March,2007 with an objective to to provide an online community for sharing instructional videos. It is also vehicle and community for professional development with teachers teaching teachers and a site where teachers can post videos designed for students to view in order to learn a concept or skill. TeacherTube videos can be embedded in webpages using snippets of code that can be copied from web site. The service is free for everyone.Familiarize yourself with the terms of use and licensing notices.
  • The Khan Academy – The Khan Academy is a not-for-profit organization with the mission of providing a high quality education to anyone, anywhere. It has 600 videos on YouTube covering everything from basic arithmetic and algebra to differential equations, physics, and finance which have been recorded by Salman Khan.

Rich Media Resources by Subject Area

Video Examples

  • Guerilla video techniques with big impact: “Back in the old days (say 2001) it was very expensive to create instructional video. Nowadays, the ubiquity of cheap digital video cameras, huge graphic cards and sleek but powerful editing packages (go iMovie!) allow for some amazing results. In other words, you can make powerful gorilla teaching videos in your garage. These are examples where editing and crafting a story (instructional design) trump production values. Do you need makeup, lighting, high resolution video, “fidelity” to teach? Nope. What you DO need in spades is quality instructional design – cutting the concept to the sharpest point and pounding it home with deft delivery. Are we losing the beauty and texture of $500/minute production house video? Maybe. But we have also increased dramatically the return on investment.” – Jeremy Kemp , Nov. 2007
  • @ kansas state university
  • Quick and Short Explanations