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Welcome to TE(A)CH with PURPOSE @ BRONX CC WIKI page

The main purpose of this Wiki will be to create a database of educational websites. These teaching resources are aimed at educators, instructional technologists, administrators, staff, and students. This site seeks three main objectives:

  • Provide an opportunity to interact, share, and, reflect about technology integration.
  • Create a community of users who can share best practices and activities.
  • To offer educators with support, guidance and professional development.
  • To prompt discussions about pedagocial practices

Posting Instructions

if you have a website, software, or program that found useful in your teaching practice or if you just know of an application that has proven to be effective, please share it with us. It would be helpful if next to the link you can talk about the advantages but also the disadvantages that you experienced. If you have an article that you want to share with us feel free to post it!

Example of a Posting

What Prompts you to Introduce Technology in your Classroom?

General Comments, Questions, Suggestions?