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Laws and Regulations (Fair Use, ADA Compliance)

see  Creative Commons Copyright Resources WIKI  as well as resources below

Fair Use:

  • Mattel v. Walking Mountain Productions, 353 F. 3d 792 , United States Court of Appeals, 9th Circuit, 2003.
    – Mattel sued artist Tom Forsythe for use of the Barbie doll image in his work. The court ruled in favor of the artist’s use of the image as parody/fair use and Mattel was ordered to pay his attorney’s fees.
  • Stanford Copyright & Fair Use Center – The “emphasis is on copyright issues especially relevant to the education and library community, including examples of fair use and policies. Useful copyright charts and tools are continually added to help users evaluate copyright status and best practices.”



On Copyright and Creative Commons Agreement

Online Copyright Concerns

CUNY Library Resources on Copyright

  • For Students, Faculty and Librarians
  • Fair Use Analysis
  • Free Tutorials
  • Online Tools

CUNY on Copyright for these:

  • What is copyright?
  • How long does copyright last?
  • Do I need permission to use the work of another?
  • Q & A prepared by the CUNY Office of General Counsel, including information about fair use and sample request for permission forms
  • Using Copyrighted Works in Your Teaching – FAQ, by Peggy Hoon, JD, Visiting Scholar for Campus Copyright and Intellectual Property, Association of Research Libraries
  • Who owns works created at CUNY?
  • How do I register my work?
  • Other copyright resources at CUNY
  • Copyright resources at other universities

CUNY on Permissions for Copyright Materials

University of Texas rules or thumbnail descriptions of considerations for libraries deciding on posting materials on course reserve systems

Intellectual Property – IP

On IP from

Intellectual Property Considerations

CUNY Materials on Fair use and IP and such on iTunes U

CUNY IP Policy

CUNY Computer Use Policy

Universal Design and Access (ADA)

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