From CUNY Academic Commons


Bronx Community College (Digication)

  • Jordi Getman-Eraso’s HIS 11 “Global Contamination” Project Template:

  • Julia Rodas’ ENG 12 Composition and Rhetoric Course/Tempate:

  • Giulia Guarnieri’s Italian 12 Honors course/ ItalianPod (Audio Support for Italian 11, 12, 13, 21):

  • Lisa Amowitz’s ART 91 Graphic Design Seminar Template/Example:

  • Kate Culkin’s HIS 20 American History Project ePortfolio Template:

  • Matthew Crick’s CMS 11 Fundamentals of Communication Template:

  • Matthew Crick’s CMT 23 Field Production Template:

  • Steve Powers’s EDU 10 Family Literacy Project Template:

  • BCC Honor’s Program Template:

LaGuardia Community College (Digication)

  • Introductory Template and Prompts:

  • 54 Intermediate Templates:

Hostos Community College (Digication)

  • Global Scholars Template:

  • Honors Template:

Macaulay Honors College (WordPress)

  • Alternate Worlds: Imagining the Future of Education (interdisciplinary honors seminar for students of Macaulay Honors College):

  • Three New Plugins for Teaching with WordPress: Great post by Joe Ugoretz on some great plug-ins for instructors including a site template, which allows students to choose a template based on whether they want to create an academic ePortfolio, career ePortfolio, travel ePortfolio, etc…

CUNY School of Professional Studies (Digication & WordPress)

  • Joseph Ugoretz’s CC 490 Alternate Worlds: Imagining the Future of Education (WordPress Course Site):

  • Jordi Getman-Eraso’s History 102 Project Template:

  • Barbara Walters’ SOC 301 Introduction to Research Methods Course ePortfolio/Assignment Template:

  • Barbara Walters and Kate Moss’ CC 401/COM 110 Learning Community Template/Example:

  • Giulia Guarnieri’s FLM 307 Italian Cinema Course ePortfolio:

  • Academic ePortfolio Template:

  • Program ePortfolio Example:

  • Alumni/Career Template:

  • Faculty Template:

York College (WordPress)

  • AC 101 student ePortfolio template:

  • Students can choose the following WordPress themes for their ePortfolio:

     •Arclite 1.5
     •Chaotic Soul 1.2
     •Fjords04 1.0
     •Fusion 3.0.
     •Glorious Day
     •iBlog2 2.4
     •Seashore 1.0