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General suggestions and curated lists

Readers, please help us build out these sections by recommending particular tools and methods that you have found useful, by discipline/problem domain.

Geospatial and mapping

  • ArcGIS is proprietary GIS (Geographic Information Systems) platform made by Esri.
  • GIS (QGIS) is an open source geographic information system. CUNY graduate students, faculty, and staff are eligible to register for Francis Donnelly’s Introduction to GIS Using Open Source Software Practicum and Spatial Databases Practicum.
  • Mapbox is a popular set of tools for building interactive maps.
  • Worldmap is an open source mapping platform developed by Harvard’s Center for Geographic Analysis. Its About page stresses the goal to “fill a growing niche between powerful desktop-bound mapping applications, and lightweight web map solutions with limited capacity.”
  • HyperCities is a research platform developed by UCLA for visualizing both space and time.
  • Neatline is a set of plugins used with Omeka designed to visualize narratives of space, time, and objects.


Data visualization


3D modeling and fabrication

Text mining and analysis


Digital publishing

  • Scalar is a scholarly publishing platform built by The Alliance for Networking Visual Culture.


Tutorials and Learning to code


Data sharing


Working with images

  • An overview of Organizing Image Collections for Research can be found on this Digital Fellows handout.
  • Name Changer (Mac only) or similar tools will quickly batch rename or append filenames on a large number of images.
  • Preview can quickly batch resize a large number of images. This can also be done in Mac Automator.
  • To view the EXIF metadata of any photograph, drop the photo or its URL into an EXIF data viewer such as [].
  • For a high volume of data storage, use an external hard drive and/or cloud storage. See the this Digital Fellows handout for a comparison of cloud storage options.


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