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The guide is not designed to be comprehensive, but to provide key information for colleagues entering the field, and a useful quick reference.

The current state, though, is just a starting point – for instance, it does not contain any information for specific disciplines or research areas/methods (e.g. history, text mining, data visualization).

So, what would you like to see here? Please contribute your additions, corrections and/or suggestions by whatever means works best for you:

  • Editing the wiki directly (note that only Commons users can edit the wiki; see the FAQ for help on doing this; note too that, for now, rich text editing has been disabled, and needs to remain so; please remember to preview the page before you save!)
  • Tagging items on delicious with cunydhi
  • Via Twitter @cunydhi
  • E-mailing your comments to

Some editing guidelines:

  • Please point to existing information, rather than duplicating it.
  • We would prefer the guide to be (lightly) annotated, rather than a list of links – feel free to provide commentary that adds value (keep the beginning DHer in mind).

All, please forgive any errors/omissions/infelicities – if you can’t correct the content yourself, do let us know and we will happily fix it for you!

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