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The Lowdown

The WPA maintains an active listserv, WPA-L, which is an excellent resource for questions about composition in general (e.g. looking for recommendations on what to read), not just for issues related directly to administration or curriculum design (but those, too). The conference of the WPA takes those same high-energy, highly informed people, puts a few hundred of them into a hotel for a few days, and gives them food and stuff to talk about (i.e. each others’ presentations, plus a keynote that just about everyone goes to). It’s a small conference, in part because it’s on the expensive side, which means it’s an excellent opportunity for actually talking to people whose online resources you use all the time.

    • Testimony: “My first time at the WPA conference, I went out to dinner with my advisor and ended up sitting next to Shirley Rose. Rather than talking about Purdue or the OWL, I nattered on about mole sauce. She didn’t seem to mind.”

The Down-low

They really like when grad students participate; you’ve got a good chance of getting accepted if you submit.

2010 Info

“Conversations Toward Action”
Conference Dates/Location: July 15-18, 2010; Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA

Submission deadline: Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Official Call for Papers: [1].
More about the WPA Council.

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