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On the table: a zoom-out approach to Journal of Basic Writing, Spring 2010, Vol. 29 Issue 1

Pedagogical Brainstorm

  • Look through your article, find a quotation (around a sentence long – perhaps a main claim (and if not, be prepared to summarize for context)), and, in an inkshed, play both the believing and doubting games with that quote. Read aloud from these inksheds.
  • Pass to the right a sentence from your article, and have that person play the believing and doubting games with that sentence.
  • Summarize a moment in your article, and then ask a series of questions raised by that moment, and pass both summary and questions to the others in the group; inkshed back to those questions.
  • Call back to a previous zoom-in text, and write in that author’s voice: how would that author respond to / critique your current article (e.g. if they were called upon to review this article for their journal)?
  • Or, even aside from a particular role-play, review the new article as if it had been submitted to a previously encountered journal: what makes this JBW article not a CCC article? (Or substitute journals as needed.)

For today, we choose the first.

Notes on articles

The Future of Basic Writing

by George Otte and Rebecca Williams Mlynarczyk.

presented by Dominique Zino

Teaching Basic Writing in a Web-Enhanced Environment

by Linda J. Stine.

presented by Rebecca Mlynarczyk

More Talk about “Basic Writers”: A Category of Rhetorical Value.

by Pamela VanHaitsma

presented by Ben Miller

For the Future

  • For next week: zoom-in on “The Future of Basic Writing,” by Rebecca Mlynarczyk and George Otte