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Fall 2012

Meetings run from 6:30-8:30pm, in GC room 5409, unless otherwise announced. Save the dates for our upcoming events featuring speakers and workshops centered around writing studies and pedagogy:

  • Mon 9/10 – Meet and Greet the GCCRC
  • Mon 9/24 – Jason Tougaw on memoir writing
  • Mon 10/15 – Conference proposal workshop
Fri 10/19 - 2:30-3:30pm, room 4406 - WPA Metro Affiliate meet & greet
Fri 10/19 - 4:00-5:30pm, room 4406 - CCRC Mina Shaughnessy Speaker Series, 
                                 featuring Sondra Perl and Charles Schuster
  • Mon 10/29 – Mark McBeth’s “Masquerade”
  • Mon 11/12 – Jessica Yood on turning informal academic writing into publishable work
  • Mon 11/26 – Dominique Zino on visual rhetoric
  • Mon 12/3 – Amy Wan (topic TBD)
  • Mon 12/17 – Peda-Pollyanna (an exchange of effective assignments and activities)

Spring 2011

Meetings begin at 6:30pm, in GC room 5409, unless otherwise announced.
Blockquoted announcements are non-GCCRC-specific events of comp/rhet interest.

  • Mon 1/31 – Welcome to the new semester!
  • Mon 2/7 – Orientation to wiki (via CFP calendar), Zzzotero
  • Mon 2/14 – Write a story from your teaching / studenting / Celebrate Jill’s orals!
    • introduce How People Learn strategy: divide up chapters, think about these anecdotes as you read. What does HPL help you see about the classes? What do these stories help you understand in HPL?
    • Sign up for a section here

No classes Monday, 2/21 — President’s Day

  • Wednesday, 2/23 is a CUNY Monday: class meets, but no meeting (read How People Learn)
  • Mon 2/28 – Discuss How People Learn
  • Mon 3/7 – Pipeline Project
    • Special guests: Rebecca Mlynarczyk and Sara Remedios
  • Mon 3/14 – Writing and Theater or Reading Strategies
  • Mon 3/21 – Digital Humanities tools (previews t.b.d.)
Sat 3/25 – UConn Conference 
  • Mon 3/28 – CCCC dry run panel presentation
  • Mon 4/4 – Writing time: no meeting, unless we want another workshop

CCCC, 4/6-4/9.

  • Mon 4/11 – Revolutionary Grammar (Erica)
    Collaborative writing: brainstorm session for CCCC 2012 and WPA 2011
**Spring Break 4/17-4/26 - no class, no meetings
  • Mon 5/2 – Writing workshop (esp. for CCCC 2012 proposals)
  • Mon 5/9 – Mark McBeth visit: What should be the learning outcomes of a PhD in comp/rhet?
  • Mon 5/16 – Last Day of Classes

Fall 2010

Meetings begin at 2pm, in GC room 5409, unless otherwise announced.
Blockquoted announcements are non-GCCRC-specific events of comp/rhet interest.

Tues. Sept. 28th: introductions and solicitations
  • click here to sign up for next time’s zoomed-out journal session

Tues. Oct. 5th: zoomed-out session: CCC Sept 2010
  • presentation of individual articles
  • choose one to zoom in on
  • Notes are here

Tues. Oct. 12th: zoomed-in session: Doug Hesse’s “The Place of Creative Writing in Composition Studies”
  • some kind of exercise – maybe structural/genre analysis? or look closely at works cited.
  • see Zotero group for a copy of the article, or email gc.comprhet (at)
  • sign up for zoom-out session next week (multi-disciplinary? or just college english?)
  • notes are here
Wed. Oct 13th: Mark McBeth small-group discussion at 2pm 4pm-5pm
(in English Dept thesis room, to the left as you enter 4406)

Fri. Oct 15th: CCRC meeting (exact time/location TBA), 
followed by Mark McBeth’s job talk at Friday Forum: 4pm in 4406

Tues. Oct. 19th: zoomed-out: Journal of Basic Writing (JBW)
  • presentation of individual articles
  • RSVP by signing up for a text to report back on: click here
  • choose an article to zoom in on for next week
Fri. Oct 22nd: Jessica Yood’s job talk at Friday Forum moved to Nov 12th

Tues. Oct. 26th: zoomed-out, take 2

GCCRC notes from 2010-10-26

Tues. Nov. 2nd:
  • zoomed-in session: “The Future of Basic Writing,” JBW Spring 2010.
    Download the full text via our zotero library.

Tues. Nov. 9th:
  • NO MEETING THIS WEEK: Instead, come to these Friday events:
Fri. Nov 12th: Jessica Yood’s small seminar on her scholarship, 2:30pm
Fri. Nov 12th: Jessica Yood’s job talk at Friday Forum, 4pm
Fri. Nov 12th: Brandt/Troyka lecture at Hunter College, 6pm

Tues. Nov. 16th:
  • Collaborative writing session: We will compose a response to the Faculty Membership Talks, and send it to the committee by the end of this meeting.

NCTE Conference, Nov. 18th-21st

Fri. Dec 3rd:
  • Sondra Perl, Guidelines for Composing
  • (read “Understanding Composing” or first chapter of Felt Sense beforehand)

Tues. Dec. 7th:
  • writing workshop (seminar papers, etc)