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The Graduate Center Composition and Rhetoric Community (GCCRC) currently meets about once per week during the semester. Each meeting addresses a theme or issue relating to the field of composition and rhetoric as well as what is on our minds as graduate students in the field. Recent topics of discussion include basic writing and literacy; critical, constructivist, and expressivist pedagogies; discourses of social justice; ethnography, including (but not limited to) classroom studies; new media composition; the digital humanities; writing across the curriculum; and the history of composition instruction in the academy. As we aim to understand how current scholarship may influence our teaching experiences and classroom strategies, our conversations often result in individual and collaborative projects members choose to pursue outside of the meetings. Individuals from the group–and even entire panels of GCCRC members–have presented at national conferences, including the Conference on College Composition and Communication (CCCC), the Modern Languages Association (MLA) Annual Convention, the Writing Program Administrators (WPA) Conference, and the Lavender Languages and Linguistics Conference.

At the local level, the GCCRC has developed two main sources of support for teachers of writing: an annual intersession teaching workshop that takes place in January (to build on the summer orientation sessions new teachers attend in August), and a cross-campus intervisitation program in which students sign up to visit the classroom of other CUNY teachers in order to reflect on their own teaching practices. In addition, the GCCRC participates in the meetings and events of the larger CUNY-wide Composition and Rhetoric Community (CCRC), comprised of faculty, students, and staff from the full range of CUNY campuses. The CCRC sponsors a visiting speaker series that hosts some of the most prominent scholars in the field at a different CUNY campus each semester.

Affiliated groups: CUNY-wide Composition and Rhetoric Community (CCRC), Writing Program Administrators-New York Metro Area Affiliate

If you’d like to learn more about the GCCRC or join our list serv, please contact us!

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Currently matriculated students may sign our DSC roster here. And all are welcome to view or join our Academic Commons group. If you’re looking for our cross-campus affiliate group, the CUNY-Wide Composition and Rhetoric Community (CCRC), you can find them here.

Activities and Projects

Affiliated faculty

Sondra Perl
Mark McBeth
Jessica Yood

Ira Shor
George Otte
Rebecca Mlynarczyk (ret.)

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